Episode 27: Everything You Need to Know About Macronutrients Part II

Feb 23, 2021
Episode 27: Everything You Need to Know About Macronutrients Part II

Most of us have spent decades living with an unhealthy relationship with food. And in turn, we spend so much time and energy thinking about how crappy we feel, about how disgusted we are with what we see in the mirror, how we wish we had more energy. But what if I tell you that there’s a way for you to start healing that relationship once and for all?

In this episode, Rachel talks in-depth about macro tracking: what it looks like, how to know your numbers, and why she believes it to be the most sustainable approach to nutrition.

To check out the Macro Coaching mentioned in this episode, check out MindStrong Macros: https://www.mindstrongfitnesscoaching.com/mindstrongmacros.

Rachel’s free guide, The Five Things You Need to Know About Macros is the perfect place to start with macros. Grab it here: https://www.mindstrongfitnesscoaching.com/MindStrongMacroCheatSheet.


Key Points:

  • Why macro tracking means flipping the formula (learning to lose weight while eating the foods we love)
  • How macro tracking works (using financial analogy and some nerdy math)
  • Steps on how you can figure out your personal macro plan
  • Macro tracking is a skill you learn once and you have it for the rest of your life


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