Episode 25: How to Hit Your Goals When Your Family Isn't Onboard

Feb 10, 2021
Episode 25: How to Hit Your Goals When Your Family Isn't Onboard

Let's be honest: it would be AMAZING if our family and friends were 100% into our new lifestyle. But the reality is, change is tough on everyone, including our loved ones. When your family's not on the same page, when they’re not into eating the foods that you want to eat or into the workouts that you want to do, how do you keep going?

Learn how you can stick to your health and fitness goals even when your family isn't right there with you, as Rachel talks about how you can shift your mindset to help you overcome this all-too-real struggle.

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  • Key Points:
    Why the single best thing you can do for your family and friends is to show up as the best version of you
  • You have a choice to treat obstacles as an excuse, or as something to work around
  • Useful tips and tricks from Rachel on how you can keep up with your goals when living with people who are not on the same page


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