Episode 24: Are Artificial Sweeteners Ruining Your Goals?

Feb 02, 2021
Episode 24: Are Artificial Sweeteners Ruining Your Goals?

Artificial sweeteners have risen in popularity over the past decades because of the promise of it being a healthier alternative to sugar. But when it comes to weight loss, is it really okay to add flavoring to your water? Sweetener to your coffee?

In this episode, Rachel answers one of the questions that she gets asked frequently on social media: “Is it okay to use artificial sweeteners when I'm trying to hit my weight loss goals?”

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Key Points:

  • Understanding the difference between eating for weight loss and eating nutritiously
  • How you can treat sweetener use as a bridge to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • The importance of getting educated, making smarter choices, and keeping the process going


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