Episode 23: Can Working Out at Home Be Effective?

Jan 26, 2021
Episode 23: Can Working Out at Home Be Effective?

With lockdown restrictions in place and gyms closed, a lot of us are at a loss when it comes to our workout routines. Whether you’re just getting into a steady gym routine or if you already have an established one, it can get daunting to think about what your options are when you're stuck at home. Can you really get an effective workout done without leaving the house?

Listen as Rachel talks about at-home workouts: how to do them the right way and how to make sure you hit your goals when you cannot hit the gym.

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Key Points:

  • How muscle growth really happens
  • As long as you are pushing your muscles to do what they can't yet do, you can get results
  • At-home workout ideas from Rachel (that won’t require you to splurge on gym equipment)
  • Reinforcing that the idea of low-weight high-reps is complete and utter BS


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