Episode 19: Emotional Eating (and How to Break the Cycle)

Jan 06, 2021
Episode 19: Emotional Eating (and How to Break the Cycle)

“I have no self-control.”

“Anytime that my emotions get the best of me, I turn to food.”

“I'm an emotional eater, all hope is lost for me.”

These statements are what emotional eaters usually say. They tend to think that it's just them, that it's a reflection on their willpower or their self-worth, and that it's just a problem that can't be fixed. Are you one of them?

In this episode, Rachel breaks down the reason why we turn to food when we're emotional, how to stop beating ourselves up about it, and how to break the cycle.

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Key Points:

  • Why emotional eating comes down to human nature and why food is such a good state changer
  • How to identify your triggers and how you can re-wire your brain to choose healthier options
  • As with other health and fitness goals, time and consistency is key
  • Simple ideas about what to substitute for emotional eating 

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